Reversible Color Changing Radiator Label

This efficiency diagram is prepared for condensing type natural gas burning boilers and based on upper calorific value of the gas. As indicated, if the return water temperature is above 55°C ( 131°F ), there is no condensation, thus efficiency is low. The lower this temperature, the higher the efficiency is. For example, when return temperature is 30°C ( 86°F ), it is possible to gain 95% or better efficiency.
Our patented reversible color changing radiator label is a visual control tool which helps to increase condensing boiler efficiency. The color of the label stays green below 50°C ( 122°F ) and becomes dark red above, thus warning the user to set boiler temperature lower.
Three labels are packed in transparent vacum PET and blistered, then put in cardboard box. Single display on wire or in the box itself is possible.
Application : on the radiator, self sticking label must be placed on a visible and flat surface nearest to the hot water inlet. The surface must be oil and dirt free, clean and dry. Before sticking the label, clean the surface with a soft, damp cloth and make sure it is completely dry.