Radiator Electric Cartridge Heater

We supply PTC heaters for bathroom radiators/towel warmers  with schuko plug or with schuko plug and integrated on/off switch. Delivery of 100-900 watt range is from stock. The tube and threaded part are made of stainless steel, cable is 150 cm white PVC. Our heaters come from ROTFIL Group under German brand JEKA for 230 Volt , Class I, CE and VDE certified, safety code IP67. Upon request, we can supply Class II or 120 Volt UL certified, too.

Main benefits of PTC ( Positive Temperature Coefficient ) heaters are :

  • It can be installed on radiators vertical or horizontal
  • It is safe because it prevents over heating
  • It has a long service life because in its structure there is no need for thermostate and safety fuse
  • Both tube diameter and tube length are small, so space need to install into radiators is minimum
  • Due to its boosting ability, when the raiator is cold, it gives around 130% of nominal power, thus heating up quickly with fast circulation
  • After reaching stable temperature, it gives around 70-80% of nominal power, thus it is more economical
  • Completely silent operation

Important note : Please read carefully the instruction manual given with the heater.  Never install a heater in a radiator with a higher power than necessary ! Please do not forget that chrome plated or stainless steel radiators have around 30% less heating power compared to painted radiators. When you give the dimensions of your radiator, Baden can assist you to choose the correct heater size thanks to a special software.

If the radiator is connected to central heating system, make sure that return valve is always open. If the radiator is not connected to central heating system, fill up the radiator about 95% to allow for expansion. Against freezing, add some glycol if necessary.

schuko plug type

schuko plug plus on off switch type